What are you doing with that ferret?….


I’ll be busy today, avoiding Facebook, Twitter, & the world at large as far as possible. Don’t ask why, or, I may tell you, & then we’d be here most of the day. Rather than even go there, I’m re-blogging this Pearl from 2014, one that didn’t get a lot of traffic, but, deserves some air time… I’m working on a fresh Pearl, in my own way, & should have one for y’all soon. In the meantime, be real, be safe, be happy, & be strange. All will help….& goodness knows our species can use the help….




Freedom = Responsibility

Attribution is not required for an Unarguable Truth

If you feel you MUST argue it, well, bring it on…..
~~ gigoid ~~


    The most excellent picture, which highlights the absolutely perfect form displayed by these two small warriors, is from The Daily Yell (London Daily Telegraph) Animal Pictures of the Week, 10/3/2014. Notice the strength of the stance, with four legs firmly gripping the limb, perfectly balanced, and the formidable knife-like spikes on the forearm and hand sections, held in perfect position to strike…. Their sifu would be proud….   *modest smile*   Perfect tong long tong long bu…. preying mantis style kung fu, straight from the source….

One might think, given the week I’ve had, I’d be more, or less, insane…. In either case, more, or less, it would seem I’ve made a case for the newest format here on ECR, even if it is…

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