Evolution is charged prix fixe….


Yesterday, after posting, I was fortunate to be able to contact a friend via Skype, with whom I held a great conversation, for almost two hours.
Since she is perhaps the most grounded person I know, as well as possibly the smartest woman in the entire world (no joke), the time spent had the result of putting me into an excellent mood, & sending me out to foray in the BBR. Soon after arriving home, my demons attacked, & I spent the remainder of the day getting back to the grounded position I’d found earlier. That, naturally, kept me out of my chair & away from the computer, so, no fresh Pearl for today. To carry us over until I can get it done, here is one from late 2012, that got some decent traffic, but, deserves more…. It will have to do for now, as I’m still engaged in skirmishes with my own psyche; it will pass, as it always does, but, in the meantime, please enjoy this blast from the past, one with a pretty hefty level of mandatory cogitation made necessary by its content… Enjoy, ffolkes, & I’ll be back as soon as I’ve buried these demons….



It’s a long road to Tipperary, so it is said…. It is certainly taking me long enough to get there. Of course, I’ve been somewhere near there every night, it seems, in dreams, but it just isn’t the same. I’m guessing that the fact that traveling to Ireland is so much on my mind has to do with wanting so badly to be able to do so, or, for that matter, to be able to travel ANYWHERE!….. I’m going stir crazy sitting here in one place for so long. I’ve traveled enough in my life to know that it is perhaps my greatest joy, if one doesn’t count my children, or love. Take those out of the calculation, and it wins, hands down, as my absolute favorite thing to do…. and don’t even go there…. I know what you’re thinking, but this is a family blog, and children will…

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