Walking in Jezebel’s gardens….


I’ve been watching the crisis here in California at Lake Oroville, whose dam has been neglected long enough it’s threatening to break enough to flood a large area northwest of Sacramento potentially affecting several million people in a wide area… Also don’t much feel like working today, so, I have sublimated by going WAY back into the archives, for a very old-school Pearl from about a month after beginning here on WP. Though it’s a pretty decent Pearl, with some rather fine pearls, it got no traffic, so, I’m giving it a second shot at fame today. I hope you enjoy it; it’s short, simple, but, not altogether unworthy of note… I shall be back tomorrow, I suppose… actually, you may count on it…. See ya. Be well, & stay alert….



Picking out today’s Pearls turned out to be a marathon. Just couldn’t find the right stuff to lead off a lazy Saturday. So, we’ll have to wing it…. Hmmm…..nothing is rising to the surface. Even stirring the contents briskly has nothing sticking to the spoon. I suppose we could take a few moments here for an advertisement disclaimer, but, it being Saturday, I don’t much feel like diving back in to the oyster beds to find where I left it. I could go nonsensical; that’s always fun. But Lewis Carroll did that already, and I don’t much feel like trying to out-Jabberwock a dead author. I suppose I should find a newsworthy event to share, or comment on the current political scene, but I also don’t feel like putting on the necessary high-top boots for wading around in that filthy pool. It stinks, also, and I’m out of nasal…

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