Psst! I got rhododendrons, cheap…..


I’m up, & alert, but, Smart Bee is, apparently, still asleep. Since there is not, now, enough time to cudgel SB into compliance, nor time enough to actually create anything new, we’ll go with one from the archives… This is a pretty good one, all in all, as I didn’t rant, much, but, found some decent stuff to include. It will do for today. Tomorrow, there will be a fresh Pearl for your morning consumption; as long as I’m still alive & kicking, & the internet is still functioning as expected. Until then, stay alert; being alert adds speed when ducking…. See ya….



Well, hell…. Hellooo! Anyone in there? I know there is nobody OUT there yet, as this is not yet posted; the apparent issue is that there is no one in here, either…. I’ve been up almost an hour, have even had a few sips of coffee, so there is no reason for this vast featureless plain I see in my head, void of anything to draw the eye or the mind, currently serving as my sole source of imagination. If I were into horror fiction, I could easily build up a lot of tension, just gazing out over a landscape, empty of hope, empty of life….

I’m pretty sure I know the problem here…. I’ve been thinking a LOT the last couple of days, trying to make decisions about all the stuff I’ve been planning to do when my Social Security benefits begin. That day is fast approaching, and…

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6 thoughts on “Psst! I got rhododendrons, cheap…..

    • What!
      Another reblog?….that’s it, I’m off to plague chuq…again.
      Meanwhile, gigoid the eva so dubious..Look to the stars!

      • LOL! I’m practicing my new paradigm, which includes not worrying about posting fresh daily; this gives me more time for comments, and for walking, the latter being my current preference for daylight hours… Note the four rants yesterday at chuq’s site, done after supper…. The increased walking also gives me new perspectives on what is happening out in the BBR, locally… What’s happening world-wide is plenty clear to me from the internet time I spend… plus, I spent a lot of years taking care of the most insane members of our society, so, I recognize the symptoms quite easily… The circus is as much fun to walk around in as it is to watch… as long as I keep my homicidal urges on leash…


        Plus, it’s raining here again… makes me cranky, until I get out in it…

        Have a good one, too; I’ve got the stars in sight….


    • I know what you mean; we’ve become a bit spoiled about our internet connections; I remember dial-up service, so slow pictures took minutes to load… When one’s own software joins the muddle, it makes it frustrating, for sure…

      You have a good one, as well, my friend; I’m going for a walk in the rain….


  1. Ha! We are the same baby boomer age, Mr. Ned! Yep.. finally getting Social Security is certainly a non-partisan enjoyment. 🙂
    As a kid I thought “rhododendron” was a better name for a dinosaur than a plant. But those were my “Venus Flytrap” days. 🙂

    • LOL! Since this post, and the title, are almost four years old, I can’t say just why I used the word, or what I intended. I make the titles up each day, with 2 primary criteria.. 1st; they are not intended to make sense; in fact, the less the better. 2nd; they have nothing to do with what follows, except by accident… This means, everyone gets to apply their own gestalt to decide what it means…

      Aye, we are… in my own case, my parents boomed frequently, as I had 2 brothers & 2 sisters who survived the war years to form our family, & one of each who didn’t make it until I came along…. My dad was a lifer, as he reenlisted after WWII so he could afford to raise us…. Getting to my SS was a bit of a struggle, but, it’s good to be retired… I’ll still think so even if/when SS, & capitalism at large, falls apart under its own weight….

      Thanks for stopping in, mate; comments are my favorite part of blogging…


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