The penny screamed when I pinched it….


As I suspected, events yesterday precluded using any time to Pearl; hence another re-blog from the archives. I’ve gone all the way back to 2012 to find one worth doing over; this one seems to work. It got some good traffic, and some Likes, too; having perused it quickly, I can say there’s good reason, as it’s not bad for early work. I’ll try to work on one for tomorrow, but, as related, busy week going on. I do hope you enjoy the mess I’ve chosen for your morning whirl through my head; it’s still better than a poke in the eye with a stick..

On that odd, but, probably true note, I’ll leave you to your fate. See y’all tomorrow, with as much fresh material as I can squeeze out of today…. Blessed Be my friends….

gigoid, the dubious


What an odd sensation I’m experiencing this morning! I am awake, almost fully, it seems, but every bone and muscle in my body wants me to go back to sleep….. I can barely hold my head up from what feels like fatigue (after almost 10 hours in bed….), but my mind is alert and ready for the day, so to speak. Weird…. I’m typing while leaning on my right arm, and my back is bowed, all because I’m tired, or feel that way. I know I shouldn’t be tired, but, there you go…. More gifts from an aging body, I guess, and not one I’m going to worry about, or give in to. Not that I’m bursting with creativity or anything like that this morning…. I’m just tired of giving ground, and I’m not ready for my rocking chair yet….

Oops…. that was a conclusion, given too early, I…

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3 thoughts on “The penny screamed when I pinched it….

  1. Yesterday was a bust….drafts saved me a gain….they come in handy when I want to withdraw to the War Room and listen to lectures or classical…..take care and I will see ya a little later….chuq

    • Aye, you will; I’m home today, perhaps the only day this week…. maybe I’ll do a draft or two…. Sure I will…. LOL….

      Hope today is a better day, amigo. You might try some Simon & Garfunkel; they always seem to lift my spirits, ’cause their music is so familiar, & much of it is breezy & light…

      See ya; I WILL be by, sometime…


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