A line in the sand is often indelible….


Good morrow…. Events out in the BBR today are legion… Well, not exactly, but, ’tis enough to keep me busy from now until I’m done with it. This leaves me not enough time to complete the Pearl started yesterday, so, I’m re-blogging again, simply because I can. This Pearl is a pretty decent one from 2014,which didn’t get much traffic, though it’s not shabby at all. I gave up trying to figure out why that happens, but, will give it another chance today to see if it won’t do better. I’ll be back tomorrow, come hell or high water. Until then, I hope you enjoy today’s interlude…. Have a good Saturday, in any case….

Blessed Be, y’all….




It’s one of those Heyoka days, as the Sioux used to say…. I think it was the Sioux, or one of the other tribes from the Midwest plains, who had the Heyoka concept in their pantheon of beliefs…. Heyoka most easily translates as “opposite” or “contrary to an extreme”…. A Heyoka woman, in their tribe, would always say yes, when she meant no, & no when she meant yes; she would walk backwards, talks backwards, and generally behave in a manner that was completely reversed from normal…. As can be imagined, it made for some interesting times around the old tipi….

I’m up at the usual time, but, so is everyone else, which isn’t all THAT unusual, just odd… The cat is happy, anyway, to have all her human toys awake and available to torment play with; for her, it’s cat heaven. I’m unused to having anyone around while…

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