Suffering slightly from anaerobic syncopation….

Once more, events in Reality precluded working on a Pearl for today. I did manage to pick out this one to re-blog; it’s actually pretty decent, for what it is, & since it, like yesterday’s fresh Pearl, didn’t get much traffic, I’m providing it with another opportunity for fame, or, whatever passes for such in these parts. My day is still problematically unpredictable, so, tomorrow remains the same. I will, you may be sure, be back, in time; time, however, moves without our influence, so, we’ll just have to take what we find. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy today’s reiteration, odd as it may seem in toto. See ya, ffolkes….




I can’t have what I want, so, I’ll take what I can…. There, that marks me as an American, don’t you think? It’s a typically American male attitude, for sure; just go watch freeway traffic for a while, & you’ll see what I mean…. But, I’m not here to rant (not in THIS section, anyway…), so perhaps I should begin today’s Pearl in a slightly different fashion…. that is, if you can call this fashion…. more like the direct opposite of fashionable, I’d say…. But, then, I AM a cynic, mostly, so, that, too, might be suspect to some people….

Well, that was certainly a wash, wasn’t it? Not a single compelling phrase to be found…. Hell, one of those is probably not to be found in the vicinity, though we do like to pretend they can be…. Unfortunately for me, today, that could conceivably have an effect on…

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