Planting truth in fallow fields….


Hajime…. Well, I’m back from my hiatus, but, due to having not slept more than four hours in as many days, I’m a bit fatigued… and, yes, that’s hyperbolic understatement. I’ll work on a Pearl for tomorrow, (hopefully), but, having not worked at this at all for all the time gone, it may take a bit longer…. For now, here is another old Pearl, from a time when I was also in a funk…. For those who stopped by, thanks for checking in; for those who didn’t, I hope you were okay…. It might take a while to get by to other sites, or comment, but, I’ll work at it ’til done…
Meanwhile, enjoy this little bit of past insight, & I’ll see y’all here soon….




Within the oyster’s shell uncouth
The purest pearl may hide,
Trust me you’ll find a heart of truth
Within that rough inside.

 ~~ Mrs. Osgood ~~

pluto nasa ukg 9-17-15

Pluto as seen from the Dawn Horizons Spacecraft Mission Flyby

Image from the UK Guardian 9/17/2015

Good morning, ffolkes. I’m tired, even after having slept a solid 8 hours for the first time in ages. I am also way, way off center, due to a concatenation of circumstances, many of which were not in my control, though in my possible sphere of prediction (had I been, naturally, more centered to begin). As a result, I find myself in the position of needing to make some alterations in lifestyle and routine in order to return to, and stay at my center of being, such as it is….

All that said, (with some difficulty I might add…. LeeLoo’s newest trick is to lick my hand…

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8 thoughts on “Planting truth in fallow fields….

  1. Nice to see your return…it has been a quiet weekend….actually to be more accurate…it was f*cking boring……LOL Have a good day and get a little resat….chuq

    • Thanks; it’s good to be home. It was a hard, but, satisfying, and gratifying weekend for me. One of your mates/peers passed on Saturday morning; Dennis was a Marine with a Purple Heart from the class of 75. He survived a ‘bouncer’ blast….barely. The trip home, though long & sleepless, was incredible, some of which I will relate in my next Pearl…

      I’m in the process of resting & rebooting today, & hope to return full out in the morning… we’ll see how that goes, as I’m also four days shy of sleep…

      I’ll be by later, I hope…


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