Pilfered hearts, buried in parody….


I am fine, but, Leelu isn’t; she’s off her feed, and acting lethargic. I can’t think, due to worry, so, I’m re-posting this one, which is not bad, for all it wanders around in my head…

I’ll be back when she feels better….




It’s tempting…. the urge to just give it up is getting strong, and the reasons to do so are growing more compelling each day. As I sit to write today, I’m struck by how conflicted I am inside, where one part of me wants to fulfill the routine I’ve established over the last two years, and another part wants me to just go back to bed. For those two years, the latter part of me has been meek, unable to have its way very often, if at all, over the big, blustering, powerful urge to spill my guts….. Of late, though, it has gained strength, and weight, and is now able to bring a sense of controversy to these morning battles with myself…..

Obviously, the part of me that is still dreaming in bed has lost again, as the words keep flowing on screen; I guess the meek aren’t…

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4 thoughts on “Pilfered hearts, buried in parody….

  1. Sorry to hear about your “bud”…..I know the feeling I am so protective of my two puppies that I am always worried when they do not act in their usual way….hope she is better……chuq

    • Thanks…. ’tis worrying, to be sure. I imagine it’s a reaction to the stress of my absence; she’s hasn’t been mad at me, seemingly, but, acting funny about normal stuff… Gotta get her vet here to check her out, & see what’s up. Once that’s taken care of, I’ll be okay, too… I may not get by today, but, I’ll be around off & on…

      Hope all is well down by the gulf…


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