A plethora of positive paradigms….


My age & condition caught up to me again; a mere one hour trip on a bus to pick up supplies wore me out. Add in SB’s periodic reluctance to share any aphorisms worth reading, & the Pearl for today went south. Here is one from 2014, during a time of uncertainty, with some rather extensive ranting, & a decent poem to go with the usual blather. I’ll be back tomorrow with some fresh stuff; until then, who knows? I’m playing this one off the cuff, after which, we’ll move on to better days, we hope. Of course, hope is a fatal flaw for us humans, but, what the hell? It keeps us busy…. See y’all tomorrow, ffolkes, if reality decides to cooperate….

gigoid, the dubious



How does it feel?
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown?

~~ Bob Dylan ~~

fishy cat

    The first time I heard Bob Dylan’s song, Like A Rolling Stone, I was half-asleep, riding in a car to go to work, very early on a summer morning in, I believe, 1963, or 1964….. Though not overly impressed by the voice that sang it, I was struck at once by the power of metaphor he employed so liberally throughout the piece…. It was the first time any of us had heard him; that was his first hit song, the one that catapulted him into fame, and the public eye…. Somehow, the plaintive tone of his voice, almost a whine, but, not quite, fit the words he spoke very well, and those words were, themselves, a new experience, as the poetry dug down into the subconscious to…

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3 thoughts on “A plethora of positive paradigms….

  1. Sucks getting old….LOL I am having massive mental pauses today myself….drafts can save the day. I taught a class last nite and it wore me out…the “Ignorati” was in full bloom….the students could not grasp a single point…so today I am depending mostly on drafts…hope your day gets better….chuq

    • Thanks, amigo; it does suck, mostly. Plus, the ‘Ignorati’ were out in force around here during my trip out to the store, so, that added stress. It’s almost to the point where I’d be happy to see the impending crash of civilization take place, as it would at least be something new and different than the same old bullshit…. Ah, well, I get to spend some significant time on Sunday with my granddaughter, age two, so, that should fix me up… I need the breath of youth, I guess….

      I will try to get by later; still catching up to my exhaustion, which strikes at inconvenient moments, still, five days later… SIGH…

      See ya, my friend…


      • Damn I love that term ‘Ignorati’…explains so much…LOL There is a reason my daughter calls me a hermit….I spend my time doing what I enjoy in silence and in my ‘crypt’…see ya later…be well chuq

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