Skeptical images go in the bluest bin…. (Spoiler: 94% fresh material…)


Thanks to the vicissitudes of the aging process, I am once again unable to post anything fresh today, having been given clear notice from my body I have been overdoing it. I have to deal with this, which takes up the mental energy needed to finish the post I started a couple days ago. Here is another old Pearl, that didn’t get a lot of traffic, but, deserves some, as it discusses my current state in a previous incarnation. I’ll be back as soon as I get this resolved sufficiently to do so, though I cannot predict with any accuracy how long that will take. Since I really, really HATE being kept from doing what I intend by having to deal with my own body, you may be sure that is all I’ll be doing until it’s done, one way or another, For now, try to enjoy this one, & I’ll see y’all on the flip side….

Wish me luck….




I’m often amazed at how much the world can change in one day; never has that been more clearly defined for me than in the past 24 hours, when I took the time to compare that day to the 24 hours that preceded…. The difference, in how I feel, in how I view the world, in the world itself, all are in direct contrast to each other, and serve to send my mind into the realms of thought and introspection…. which is a good thing, mostly, if a bit strange for the average bear…. I’ve never been a particularly average bear, though, so, no worries, eh?….

My condition, both physical and mental, over the last few days was complicated by a certain policy decision I’d made, which, in the light of subsequent events, became, quite obviously, the wrong policy to adopt at this particular time, if ever. Since returning…

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7 thoughts on “Skeptical images go in the bluest bin…. (Spoiler: 94% fresh material…)

  1. Getting old sucks! Then there are days that contain brain farts and then archives and drafts are a godsend….good luck with the body….if it is anything like mine then it will be an uphill struggle….LOL Have a good day and a better week….chuq

    • Thanks, amigo. Had a great time with my two-year old granddaughter, but, apparently, am not in good enough shape to do so…. Part of the issue is trying to get the medical community, as it exists today, to treat one with any respect; they seem to feel they are more important than those for whom they are supposed to be caring, which at my age, I refuse to stand still for… which makes me, in their eyes, a problem… So, today, I must go be a problem for them, and insist they deal with me, on my terms…. the assholes.

      Oh, well, so be it…. I’ll see you when I can; don’t think I’ll be surfing much today, but, we’ll see how it goes…. I appreciate you stopping by….

      Take care…


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