We were hoping for more of a gestalt version….


I still can’t sit long enough to do much, so, here’s another archived Pearl for your enjoyment… You’ve possibly seen some of it before, as it includes another very old Pearl which was re-blogged at some point… It will do for our purpose today, which is to get us to tomorrow…. Take care, y’all, & be well….




“…. crawfish pie, filet gumbo…”  Can’t say why, but that song is stuck in my head this morning…. “…. gonna have big fun, on the bayou.” I must have been dreaming in Acadian, or something….. There’s a word, a good word, Acadian, another word lifted from another language by English, used to describe the group of folks who settled in Louisiana in the early 1800’s.  Their culture, brought with them from France, melded into the mix of English,
Spanish, Indian, and African cultures that already flourished in the New Orleans area, producing what we now call Cajun food, music, and culture. (“Cajun” is a bastardization of the way the word “Acadian” comes through into English…. When pronounced correctly, it sounds like ‘a cajiun”, which, on the naturally lazy tongues of the new worlders, became “cajun”…..)

Now that the trivia portion of today’s post is finished, I’m left again in…

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5 thoughts on “We were hoping for more of a gestalt version….

  1. Not many people know all that about Cajuns….and some seem to think that Cajun and Creole are the same….wrong…..sorry to hear things are still not exactly right….get rest take two golf balls and call me in the morning….LOL sorry could not pass on the M*A*S*H* reference…have a good day and I will see ya later….chuq

    • LOL! Good one, but, golf is also out of my league right now…. Re: Cajuns… my first girlfriend was half-cajun; her daddy was a full blood from Louisiana, so, I got the word on them from him and her… I’ve loved most of the Cajun food I’ve tried, but, to be honest, Shrimp Creole is nasty stuff, unless a Cajun makes it…LOL…

      I’ll try to get by, but, possibly not yet…. BTW, I talked to Lady P… She IS taking a break, to throw trolls off her trail…. She’s okay, just busy out in the BBR….

      You have a good one, bro; I’m on healing mode….


      • She contacted me…glad to hear she is okay….there are just some dishes that need to be prepared by the people…Thai food and a falalfel…better when prepared by the right people…have a rest and later….chuq

  2. cajiun….?
    so where is the that wonderful music?
    Lady P…is feelin’ better since her break……
    trust you will too…catch up soon..

    • *grin* Okay, I’ll do Cajun music soon… Good to see you back….Feelin’ better is hit n’ miss, but, on a steady rise…. Be well & safe….


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