Wild to be born….


Yesterday, I spent the entire day fighting my own body, a pitched battle that ended up in the local hospital ER, where I spent about five hours to find out I am not yet in danger of dying…. Yay.

Having been unable to sit long enough to finish a Pearl, I offer this one from the archives, which seems to touch on some of the issues I face today… go figure, eh? I’ll do my best to be back tomorrow with a fresh Pearl, including a fresh poem (if it leaks out fast enough). For the nonce, y’all take care, & be well…. That’s all I’m doing myself today…

See ya




Thales said there was no difference between life and death.

“Why, then,” said some one to him, “do not you die?”

“Because,” said he, “it does make no difference.”

~~ Diogenes Laertius (c. 200 AD) — Thales, ix ~~

3-1-2015 011 (2)
Reel Art, by Ferdinand de Faux

Mornings scuk. Or, skcu. Hell, they uksc. Damn, what’s up with that? Mornings SUCK! There, that’s better….

I haven’t a clue as to why that word refused to be typed correctly until it was shouted… It did get the point across though, that point being the suckitude we are experiencing today…. It is, perhaps, too early to be coining new words, perfectly relevant though they may be; I do like this one, though. “Suckitude” has a lot of chutzpah, telling a story of misery and blahness quite accurately…. Hey, look, it’s another new word! I’d better be careful, I think; we haven’t filed any…

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3 thoughts on “Wild to be born….

  1. Sorry to hear about your ER trip…they are always a joy to behold…LOL Today is one of those days for me also….just gonna drop by a couple of times the rest I will spend in quiet contemplation….see ya later….chuq

    • Aye, a ‘joy’ ’twas not, but, the end result was good, as I got sent home instead of being kept for a time. I’ll be doing the same today, as the condition I have sucks energy, big time. Already went back to bed once for a two hour nap, & it’s just now 9 am here…LOL Gonna do it again, too… I’ll try to get by today; I need to rant a bit, so, we’ll see how it goes… Have a quiet day, bro….


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