“Banging” seems popular this season….


I have business to pursue today, out in the BBR, beginning early, so, no time to post anything fresh, as, it’s not done yet. Go figure, eh? Here’s one from a few years ago, in an old format; it didn’t receive much traffic, so, I’m giving it a second chance for fame. I plan to be back fresh tomorrow, so, provided Murphy keeps his distance until then, we’re good to go…. I hope you enjoy today’s blast from the past; I’ll see y’all tomorrow, with bells on….




“Friends are needed both for joy and for sorrow.”

~~ Yiddish Proverb ~~

fuzzy Albert

    With a brilliant smile, and a pithy remark for the kids, the Samurai baking enthusiast shouldered his pack, took up his walking stick, and left the building with Elvis…. They didn’t know where they were going, but, they sang happily as the strode along, down the wide pathway leading from the city to the river’s edge. When they came to the water’s edge, they kept walking, straight into the swiftly flowing stream, step by step, until the water covered their heads. A couple of moments later, both men emerged, head-first from the water, as they continued their stroll up the far side of the river’s bed, to the roadway above….

Sliding into the multi-colored VW bug parked at the side of the road, the Samurai baker, turning to Elvis as he turned the key in…

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4 thoughts on ““Banging” seems popular this season….

    • Thanks, & you, too. Since “safe” is pretty much a fantasy, on this planet, I’ll settle for being ready, which only takes mindfulness…. LOL! Not always my default position, I can attest, but, we does what we can…. *grin* Be well, bro; I’ll try to get by this afternoon… faded again yesterday after a couple comments…. couldn’t sit any more….

      See ya….

  1. Been a while since I’ve done any serious “banging”. You mean it’s in vogue again? Hmm.. not sure I remember where I put that stash of government Viagra.

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