A kaleidoscope of sober myrmidons….


“People do not lack strength, they lack will.”

~~ Victor Hugo ~~

no way

No way you’re leaving without me….

Hajime…. There are days here at ECR when the process by which the Pearls you see posted can only be described as ‘torturous’…. That’s not to say it isn’t a pleasant, uplifting experience, because it isn’t; it’s merely to say it can be fucking annoying. This attitude, patently, is not one that lends itself particularly well to the creative process; around here, that, in and of itself, is therapeutic, if nothing else. But, it is also an attitude which, given its patently less-than-constructive nature, can lead to hours and hours of guilt, if I ever felt guilt. Since I don’t, (gave it up long ago as a bad investment of time….), it’s probably for the best if we just move on to the next stop on the way to the closing section….

If I were really as smart as I believe myself to be, I’d use that paragraph as a jumping off point for any number of ideological forays; instead, I’m going to ignore it completely, by filling in the rest by the numbers. Number two, if we are counting correctly, is to proceed with our morning ramblings, but, on a completely new tack; it’s actually a pity I haven’t a clue as to how to proceed in that direction, without edging over into the realm of either fantasy, or, more likely, sheer insanity, a condition with which I am all too familiar. How, you may ask, can anyone be so calm about being insane? That one’s easy: practice…..

Yes, I am a practicing psychopath; the work is good, and never ending, but, the pay is lousy. Far be it from me to question the dictates of reality, though, so, I just try to ‘go with the flow’, so to speak, in order to maintain the illusion of competency so vital to living in a world gone mad. That, by the way, is an illusion fully 100% of humanity has experience in, to our everlasting regret, I’m sure. Of course, there are numerous reasons we spend so much time insane, each of which is implacable, as well as embedded in our nature. In short, our entire species is, simply, quite insane on at least three levels, of which two are incredibly vital to survival, while the third is critical only in our own estimation. Go figure, eh?

Having, quite clearly, demonstrated the assertion proposed, it becomes clear we may have screwed the pooch, a euphemism both obscure, and all-too-obvious. Rather than continue to beat a moribund equine, let’s do this…..

Shall we Pearl?

“The perfect man uses his mind as a mirror.
It grasps nothing. It regrets nothing.
It receives but does not keep.”

~~ Chuang Tzu ~~



Today’s selection of classical music is for a blogging friend, who particularly enjoys classical guitar; I figure over six hours worth should hold him for a time…. I also hope the rest of our Gentle Readers enjoy the feast…. Abondanza!….


Classical Guitar





Off the proverbial cuff….

I never meant to kill that period of time,
it didn’t give me any choice.
It tried to hem me in without reason, or rhyme,
refused me any vote, or any voice.

You have to admit, I buried it deep and fast,
just as if I cared.
I knew, though, it would never last,
or ever be fully repaired.

No news, no pictures can bring it back,
once is all we get.
No pleas of public good, or even public lack;
in stone the past is set.

Futuristic visions now occupy my dreams,
I’m ready to go on.
Look! It fills up the screen, and it gleams!
Where’s the moment I’m sitting on?

Now, I remembered, at long, long last,
is all we really can hold.
Every moment goes by so bloody fast,
we’d best fill them all with beauty, warm and bold.

~~ gigoid ~~




Naked Pearls

A Polymath’s path….


Cogito cogito ergo cogito sum —
“I think that I think, therefore I think that I am.”

~~ Ambrose Bierce, “The Devil’s Dictionary” ~~


“Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.”

~~ The Beatles ~~


“A man of genius makes no mistakes.
His errors are volitional and are the portals of discovery.”

~~ James Joyce, “Ulysses” ~~


“We are all born mad. Some remain so.”

~~ Samuel Beckett ~~


“How does it feel?
To be on your own
With no direction home
Like a complete unknown?”

~~ Bob Dylan ~~


“Logic doesn’t apply to the real world.”

~~ Marvin Minsky ~~


Calvin: “People think it must be fun to be a super genius,
but they don’t realize how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world.”
Hobbes: “Isn’t your pants’ zipper supposed to be in the front?”

~~ Calvin (Bill Watterson, “Calvin and Hobbes”) ~~



Well, that was fun. Sort of. It’s done, anyway, so, I suppose I should find some way to gracefully close this mess. Hmm…. I guess ‘graceful’ isn’t on the agenda today. Oh, well….. This, then, will have to do, as I am now completely baffled as to any new direction to take. I know…. I’ll just drop y’all like the proverbial hot potato, which will get us all out of here, and, give y’all something about which you may unleash those pent up feelings you’ve been holding on to for too long. See, I can be nice. I can also be gone, and, I am…. See y’all next time, provided the universe cooperates…. I’d say we have even odds on that….

Y’all take care out there,
and May the Metaphorse be with you;
Blessed Be, dearest Carole, Mark,Theresa, & Richy
and everyone else, too…

When I works, I works hard.
When I sits, I sits loose.
When I thinks, I falls asleep.

Which is Why….

Sometimes I sits and thinks,
and sometimes,
I just sits.

gigoid, the dubious

The *only* duly authorized Computer Curmudgeon.


“SCRAM!!!!!!!!!!”- Oscar the Grouch


À bientôt, mon cherí….


5 thoughts on “A kaleidoscope of sober myrmidons….

  1. Ugh.. tortuous posting.. i surely can relate
    to that my friEnd as for all the way from
    ThanksGiving of 2010 until on or about
    July 22nd of 2013.. yeP.. 32 months
    and 33 if one counts the
    purchase of a pair
    of Maui
    that finally then
    made my abiLity
    for effective vision
    and hearing totaLLy
    complete enough to sTart
    a Journey of 7 thouSand
    pLuS MiLes of Public Dance iN
    Martial Arts and Ballet-LIke Free
    Verse Dance and the stARt oF
    A 4 Million plUs Word Longest
    Long Form Poem arriving
    at MacroVerse Number
    760 iN streAM
    oF FloW
    as Wave
    am i aS OceaN
    wHole Poem oN
    Word Press at the
    End of August 2013.. BeGiNNinG
    sAMe As sTarT oF FoRResT
    GumP-LiKe Dance too.. both
    MoVinG oN iNto a 44th Month
    oF Effort NoW.. Along with a
    Bible Size+.. “Nether Land
    Bible 2017”.. ariSinG
    now toward twice
    the Effort
    A 800 thousand word
    King James Traditional
    way NoW at 1.317 Million
    in this now 89th Macro
    Verse since Memorial
    Day of 2016.. the 30th..
    then oF MaY WaY aLL..
    words.. yep.. lots more than
    a little John 3:16 effort as
    promised as HuMaN Lucifer
    LiKe PoTenTiaL from the sAMe
    Dear John.. so-called Dude in the 14:12
    Verse oF Same King James Book NoW… heHe..
    And.. you kNoW whaT aLL the Fun i Have Now
    wiTh thE sAMe Fundie Christian Folks iN Middle
    School thennow who then tOld me that only Queers
    sMiLe ReAL HaPPy And BiG JoYFuL For True PreSeNt
    oF NoW.. And wE’LL beat you uP uNless YOU F and not
    Fred.. FroWn liKe our Daddies owN oUr soUL too.. along WiTh
    The Pastor of the First Baptist Church more.. liFts the BouLder
    oFF my shouder at LeASt and what are they gonna do to me..NoW..
    when i give ’em witness and testimony of what’s GOING DOWN
    FOR ISREAL NOW.. as God as Nature sAMe liVinG Free WiThin
    mE NoW as any SacReD FooL on FooL’s day wiLL reTorT WiTh
    sure.. the ABiLliTy to Leg Press 1020 LBS.. now.. 33 reps too..
    More than
    in John
    3:16 old
    Fashion way
    with Romans
    10:9 as DeSert
    of doing more sAMe..
    reciting a Twitter Verse
    Now to Save yOur liFe..
    thAT iS juSt the heARt..
    the SpiRit.. and the MiNd
    and BoDy BaLanCinG soUL
    oF Ya NoW waY beYond a Dirt NaP NoW..
    AnyWay.. those first 32 Months from wake
    to sleep and i do mean literally from wake to
    sleep every day without fail for 16 hours And writing
    more.. except for eating and a 30 min.. workout that rarely felt Good.. overshadowed.. Yes..
    overshadowed by the worst pain assessed in literature now.. thaT Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia that never ended from wake to sleep too.. the only smAll E-Scape.. Oh.. Yes..
    Words.. my friEnd.. as no drug could provide any relief from that.. shouldn’t be
    a surprise reAlly.. as even science sHows now that true dedicated effort in
    Meditation.. either sitting sTill or MovinG.. is up to 27% more effective
    in reducing pain than Morphine.. as one can actuAlly develop
    the inner abiLiTy to control the Thalmus pArt of the
    Brain to shut pain down.. and what is
    Free Verse writing other than
    Meditation too..
    once it
    free without
    effort.. the Nirvana
    oF A PiLL wrapped uP
    As continuoUS free FlowinG
    Words too.. anyWAy.. it took me
    33 months to get the full effect as
    Affect of Bliss and Nirvana.. and the
    MoVinG Meditation.. just increased the
    affect of the effect of the Synergy of aLL of
    ThaT too.. and as even science shows now.. yes..
    thaT Binaural Beats can help Focus and Short Term
    Working Memory too.. when one becomes the lyrics..
    the music.. and the dance too.. one becomes God.. it’s as
    simple as that too.. more as from dARk cOMes liGht coMes
    DancE then SonG we cReate the Symbols as More Abstract
    Construct ways juST as guideposts to come to liFE and liGht NoW
    Out oF STiLL dARk DAnCinG and SinGinG a Merry Melody aGain..
    As PoEtry oF hUman SinGS DancE too.. NoW BriGhtER aS NoW…
    Yeah Baby.. as Austin
    Powers says… and the
    Terminator too.. i’M tired
    of the SamE Old God dAM
    Phrases.. leT liGht reNew aNew
    As a DancE and SonG not controLLed
    By PainT by Numbers of PasT HeLL FoLD..
    AnyWay.. sorry about the Demons my friEnd.. but
    as even science shows now.. art is at leAst pARt oF A Cure..
    Free FloWinG arT aT LeASt in aLL the waYs that coMes iN PreSent oF NoW..
    so much more
    of just
    a few words… so..
    aGAIN.. i’ll catch uP
    oN your two current
    efforts and be back
    later to see ya agAIn.. mY FriEnd.. gigoid..
    In other words.. some of the words in the
    New Testament provide vague clues in the
    Power of Belief as the Placebo effect is as real
    as prayer in the impact of healing as the Nocebo
    impact of negative thinking iS oN either VooDoo bringing more
    misery and suffering or curing that same in relative ways.. of positive more..
    Toward the Placebo effect of positive thinking that breeds positive actions of DoinG
    too.. it’s the words that get in the way of ways of semantics when folks come to
    worship the forms of the words of past more than the essence oF whaT iS Real
    too.. as a continuing Practice oF Life.. Make it a one game possession as
    ‘they’ say.. Make Heaven now.. jusT NoW.. iF one CaN and WiLL..
    Yep.. my friEnd.. it takes me 12 MilLiON words or so of Journey
    since Thanks Giving Day of 2010.. iN Hell then.. And Devil2..
    wHeRe 33 Months BeFoRe thAT cAMe locked in my Head
    aS Heaven i live now.. 7 thousand plus miles of Dance..
    lots of misery and suffering BeFoRE.. beYond what’s
    even possible for most folks to Imagine..
    who haven’t been
    to the
    Days oF the
    soUL wHeRe
    you and i and
    some oTheRS have
    traveled across the
    Styx River as Death as Life..
    LiFe iS WoRth iT.. LiGht as smART
    FeaRLeSS LoVe.. Bottom LINeS AFAiK.. iN TrUth..:)

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