Let’s prime the pump with sad kittens….


Murphy has made a reappearance in my vicinity, and he brought demons with him…. SIGH. Asshole. It will take me much of the day to repair the damage caused to my balance, with a side effect of preventing the completion of a Pearl for today. I’ve chosen this one, mostly because it contains a discussion of the Golden Rule I wrote that will help me in my damage control efforts. I’ll work on the current fresh material, so I can post tomorrow, & try to get back into my preferred routine…. I hope you enjoy this blast from the past; it’s pretty decent, for what it is…. I’ll see y’all tomorrow, given a fair wind & a rising tide…. See ya….




“To do nothing is sometimes a good remedy.” — Hippocrates
One Pan Grilled Seafood & Vegetable Paella

    Ah, hell…. with all of the incredible vastness of space and time… and I end up here…. Tell me, what good is it having the power of a Time Lord, and never being allowed to use it without factoring in entropy’s influence? Calculating temporal slippage with pencil and paper just isn’t working out, and nobody can find me a decent slide rule at a price I can live with; I keep ending up back here, when I’m trying to get back into the future…  Actually, I’m only here because I couldn’t find the Tardis at all this morning, having forgotten, again, where I parked it…. Or, maybe that was WHEN I parked it? Hmm… I’ll have to check that later….

Above, you see a picture of the signature dish made by the Balaguer family, at their small, but…

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One thought on “Let’s prime the pump with sad kittens….

  1. Do unto others but do it first….LOL I am having one of those days myself…..kinda like “fuck it and everything around it”…LOL Have a better day….see ya….chuq

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