Distracted by a classic diversion…. cinnamon-glazed potato cakes….


Aside from my habitual laziness, at least two factors have conspired to prevent a fresh Pearl for today. First, SB went on strike again yesterday; six tries at it garnered three pearls, not nearly enough to finish, or even come close. Second, an impending visit today, with my granddaughter, had me “kid-proofing” my house for a two-year-old. I get to keep her most of the day while my son takes care of other business, details of which are irrelevant at this point. Suffice to say, I’m jazzed, & have made plans, involving a park, a playground, and a shopping trip, all designed to keep her busy & happy, & hopefully, tired enough to nap for part of the visit, so I can catch my breath from trying to keep up with a 2 year old little girl’s enthusiasm for life…. Can’t wait….

To keep from feeling too much guilty angst, here’s a damn decent Pearl from early in 2014, when I was still an opioid addict, on the cusp of being ripped off them, & sent to Hell for a year to get rid of them. For what it is, it’s pretty good, & I hope you enjoy it, as much as I intend to enjoy my time with my g-d….

I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully with some fresh material, though that remains, as always, up to the whim of the gods, such as they are…. Have a great Sunday, ffolkes, & I’ll see y’all tomorrow….




Soft, puffy, pristine white clouds scudded lazily across the morning sky, looking like nothing so much as huge balls of cotton, tumbling through the blue vastness, dazzling in the bright sun. The chirping calls of thousands of awakening birds echo through the trees, as the mundane creatures of the night silently retreat to their dens, giving way to those who hunt by day….

One of these predators, walking on two legs, is up, moving through the dappled light between the trees…. With rapid steps, he heads east, toward the sun, moving silently between the trees as the bright orb rises slowly, higher and higher, laying a blanket of oppressive heat over the landscape, stirred by the gentlest of breezes, enough only to make one wish for more….

Whoever that is, walking through the tropical forest (it’s too hot, too early to be anywhere but tropical…) is on their own…

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