Trapped in porcine orbs of vision….


Events in the BBR have conspired to prevent me from completing a Pearl for today, but, I found this one, which was not only one of the best in terms of quality, but, got quite a bit of traffic, as well. It will do for my purposes today, as I have a bunch of catching up to do on other blogs, which I’ve neglected for some days now…. I’ll be back tomorrow with fresh material, come hell or high water, In the meantime, enjoy this little birthday blurb from about four or so years ago, if you will… If not, well, oh, well… So be it…. See ya, ffolkes….



Herein is set forth the last will and testament of Ned Russell Moore…. Not really, but it is, perhaps, fitting to begin today’s Pearl with that opening line. I am now, as of some hours ago this morning, sixty-two (62) years old, or young, take your pick. The opening line is actually there as a reminder, that I have yet to take care of that little chore, i.e., making a will. Being a non-materialist for virtually all my life (I decided at age 12 I had no interest in getting rich…. seriously, that’s when it happened, because I remember making a conscious decision about it, as it kind of determined the path I would take, academically….), I won’t have a lot to leave, but, there are personal items to bequeath to my children, such as my father’s bronze star, and my books, and hopefully, before I check out, I’ll…

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2 thoughts on “Trapped in porcine orbs of vision….

  1. Good one…..I have been having those days myself….my saving grace is the missile attack….gets me back into the analysis game….finally….have a good day my friend….chuq

    • Just had to do a reboot, so, we can add computer issues to my day… Ah, well, good thing I love to geek…. I WILL get by today…. See you later on….


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