Purveyors of indolent platypae…..


Good morrow…. In sooth, it hasn’t been all that good ’round here; woke up late, having tired myself with some extended walking, only to find my head filled with a cacophony of screaming demons. Attempting to drown them out by focusing didn’t help, as SB is apparently on strike for today. Rather than battle these particular demons on their ground, I’m fading back ten yards, & punting…. Here’s a Pearl from about a year & a half ago, that came out fairly well, due to adding a rant from the past…. and, it will all do just fine for today’s purpose, to get me outta here with skepticism intact, so I can use it to battle these demons… I hope to be back tomorrow…. but, then, I also hope humanity will wake the fuck up & try to save its sorry ass. Odds on both of those are running a bit random, & are not currently a good bet…. but, we’ll see, won’t we? Take care, & stay alert, ffolkes….

gigoid, the dubious



“Justice is truth in action.”

~~ Benjamin Disraeli ~~

poserWhat’s your issue?….

Hajime…. Most days like today, I’d be rushing, typing like mad to get done. Not today. I am serene, in spite of my lateness, for I finally slept well for a night. Yay, me. Crowing over, and, having enjoyed the use of a weapon I thought I had misplaced (Sleep is a weapon, you know….), I greet the day with aplomb, if not joy. Even Leelu is being patient with me, sensing, perhaps, my serenity…. Well, perhaps, contentment is closer than serenity, but, I’m sure y’all know what I mean…. and, who cares, anyway? Not me….

Even though I’m not in a hurry, I’ll be nice, & cut this down to workable size this morning, by taking our leave right here and now. Some day, y’all will thank me, I’m sure. For now, let it be enough…

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3 thoughts on “Purveyors of indolent platypae…..

  1. Never get tired of that pic of Leelu…she has it made and she knows it…LOL

    There are days that demons are louder than normal…I feel for you….I will be looking for you later…have a restful day my friend….chuq

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