Counting the cost in plaid pyjamas….


The BBR has intruded again, but, this time in a relatively good way; today, I’ll be watching my granddaughter while my son is at work. It promises to be a tiring, but, happy day; I have plans for a bus ride and a library visit, either of which will be an adventure with a two-year-old girl in tow…. Wish me luck… To sublimate my urge to write & post, here is a rather extensive Pearl from early in 2015, with some ranting, some pearling, and one of my best poems. I hope you enjoy it…. I’ll be back as soon as I can throw together a Pearl from scratch, which could take a day or two, given the circumstances…. Until then take care, & stay strange, ffolkes….




“I have been a lucky man. But someone has to be.”

~~ Edward Abbey ~~

Psst! Want some candy, boys and girls?

    I find myself today in an unenviable position, one in which my only thought can be “PEACE!” Perhaps I am getting old, for the problems I face in my life are challenging my ability to adapt to them, leaving me without the balance I so treasure. It is certain my physical issues are presenting many difficulties for me; what is not so certain is whether or not there is any solution to them, other than learning to endure even more than has been asked of me to this point. That, simply put, gives me no peace….

I suppose also that this feeling marks me as human. But, that brings no comfort either, for I know human nature to be flawed, and dangerous, to itself, and every…

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