Fabulous shoes, Margo. Jimmy Choo?….


There won’t be a fresh Pearl today, for multiple reasons, the foremost of which is my most persistent demon’s reappearance at 0400 this morning. The ensuing battle continues to rage, & is distracting enough to prevent any focus on cogitation. I’ll be spending the day in meditation, when not actively struggling to douse flames of homicidal intent, & may, or may not, get to the next Pearl. Time, that mouthy asshole, will tell, as always.Y’all needn’t worry about me; I’ve lived through this before, and will do so again. For now, it’ merely disrupts my routine, which annoys Leelu no end, so, balance must be found, for both our sakes. In the interim, keep your weapons at hand, and stay alert. There is madness loose in the world; George Carlin was right, as usual; a little piece of hell breaking loose is worse than the whole deal at once. Until I can find my way back to sanity, y’all be well, & happy as you may….& I hope you enjoy today’s re-blog. This one is special, in a sense; it is the blog most recommended by WP as auxiliary reading…. See ya….

gigoid, the dubious, battling away….



“And God said: “Let there be cats!”.

 and He was promptly ignored.”

~~ Genesis 6:66 ~~


Image stolen from the Europa Ice Wolfie

Morning, ffolkes. Gosh, I don’t believe I’ve seen a screen this white in a long time. Empty, too. I suppose I’ll have to do something about that…. Hey, I’ve got a great idea! Why don’t I write a Pearl? Yeah, I think I will. I haven’t done that in, well, at least 23 hours or more….

You may cease the giggling now, or, wait!…. Was that a growl I heard from the back of the cabin? No need to get testy. Just because I try something new doesn’t mean y’all can just fire off like that. Think of what could happen if one of those actually hit me! Nasty. Okay, so, I know it’s not all that, or even all that funny, or compelling, or any…

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