She rides swiftly through dark shadows, pale and grim….


Though the picture of the world described in this relatively ancient Pearl bears little resemblance to that we see today, there are a number of similarities, brought to light during the ranting that went on this particular day back in 2012…. I’m still dealing with events in the BBR, so this will have to do for today. It’s actually a pretty good one, so, enjoy!



I should know better…. Having applied for my SS Disability, I had thought that, since my last job let me go as “unfit for duty”, and since I AM unable to work due to back pain and my other physical challenges, the Federal Government, in the guise of the SS Administration, would be able to see that yes, I do need to get paid all the money I put into SS ahead of my 66th birthday.

However, in spite of my clear presentation of the facts, they denied my claim, having in their wisdom, without ever interviewing or seeing me in person, decided that I am well enough to work, able to stand for 6 or more hours a day (I can’t stand for more than 5 minutes before pain increases in my hips and back), lifting up to 50 lbs. on a regular basis, (which I can do…

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7 thoughts on “She rides swiftly through dark shadows, pale and grim….

    • Thx for stopping by… Look at the bright side of grading now; once its over, you’ve got way more garden time, as long as you don’t teach another summer course. The plants should go crazy with the late rain, then heat…

      See ya…


    • *smile* Only for his curmudgeonry, not his politics…. An exemplary example of carrying a good thing too far… and, a perfect example of how culture aggrandizes qualities that, in normal life, would qualify them as an asshat….

      A touch of artistic license, as well, I think….

      *grin* That’s my story, & I’m sticking to it….


  1. Churchill, apparently said at the latter stage of his life ‘that we stuck the wrong pig’ & he was not talking about the Germans! I am afraid his opulent lifestyle laid him bare to the riches of the Rothschilds…..he was horribly in debt to them… all too common complaint. Go figure. 🙂

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