Bagels never travel in first class….


Smart Bee is on vacation, apparently. The weather here is magnificent, and I have tasks to complete. These factors, combined, have precluded the creation of a fresh Pearl for today. Here is one from a bit under five years ago, when Pearls were longer, wordier, and less colorful than today’s incarnation. I hope you can enjoy it, anyway; I’ll be back as soon as I can talk myself into it…. making tomorrow a good bet…. See ya!….



My mind’s eye is clouded and grey this morning. No visions of beauty, or even of horror. No trite phrases, no witty repartee, and worst of all, no nonsense floating around in my head, clamoring for release. It’s all a void, empty space that I may have to try to rent out. I have fallen into writer’s limbo, that terrifying landscape where ideas run off the moment they arrive, and creativity is limited to sock colors. Where material is not merely hard to find, but actively resistant in spite of all efforts on my part to find something, anything to write about……

A hundred sinister eyes peered out from the darkness surrounding the traveler, closely following his progress on the road leading to the castle of the local lord. The traveler took no notice, his hooded face hidden as he stared downward at the back of his horse, seemingly…

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