Mooning over pugilistic dreams….


The demons of pain are paying me a visit, so, a fresh Pearl is contraindicated today. When I opened my mailbox this morning, I found a pearl from a friend, to wit: “You’re basically killing each other over who has the better imaginary friend.” — Richard Jeni, on war over religion.

She knows me well, patently, as this is one I’ve long known of, without knowing who first said it…. Since there’s nothing in me worth writing, I’ve included a Pearl from 2013, near the beginning of my descent into the Hell of opioid withdrawal. It speaks at several points of the ideas already presented, and should serve well as sublimation for today’s urge to pearl… I hope you enjoy it, & I’ll be back tomorrow, with some new thoughts on Life at Large….

Be well, be safe, be happy, & be yourself…. Oh, & try to have some fun….

gigoid, the dubious



Salacious, grinning demons haunt the edges of my dreams, claws dripping in the blood of innocence. Hideous screams echo through the dark halls in my mind, as the torturous maze leads me ever deeper into the nightmare of my own mind. No soothing touch is felt on skin numb to all feeling, no mellifluous voice penetrates the foul cacophony ringing in my unwelcoming ears. Time stops, and pain becomes eternal, the focus of all perception, until I awake, groaning in fear, to find myself alive, and whole, shaking, soaked in sweat, and vowing never to sleep again….

Gee, look…. it’s already 0700 in the morning, and I’m just now getting started…. If I didn’t know better, I’d believe I had finally overcome the time distortion suffered when I went to a different time zone for over two weeks…. I knew about jet-lag, but didn’t realize just how powerfully it…

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