Watching the Founding Fathers spin like a top….


While I am feeling more stable, in general, today, I feel lazy. Go figure, eh? Also, achieving what ‘together’-ness I have to this point took some rather extended, and extensive, effort. Hence, the aforementioned laziness has struck, & I just don’t feel like rushing to post today. I did, however, manage to find a pretty damn good replacement, with some rather good ranting, and a large number of excellent pearls to go with. In fact, it may be one of the best all-around Pearls I’ve done, as it includes one of my best poems, as well. In any case, it will do for my purpose today, & I hope you enjoy it.

For the first time in my entire life, a significant period of time, it is raining in California, in June. I honestly cannot remember that EVER happening before, but, hey, global warming & climate change are a myth, right? Well, the president thinks so (yes, I did not capitalize it; such respect must be earned…). Any who, I’m gonna go walk in it, then try to catch up to some of the stuff I’ve been postponing due to angst…. See y’all tomorrow, if all goes according to plan….




Having long been cognizant of the danger involved in living a life of free will, I accept that danger, without qualm or resentment, as the just cost it represents for the boon of living free. As our favorite Founding Father, Tommy J, was fond of saying, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance; it’s cost is counted only in the blood of its defenders.” Well, I think he said it; it might have been one of the others…. but, it SOUNDS like mi amigo Tomas, so I’m going with that. The danger, as it turns out, is not from the world at large, so much as from the Australopithecan inhabitants of that world, specifically a certain small part of the impossibly fecund  group of naked, hairless apes who infest the surface of the planet with me….

Now, this may sound as if I have a rather poor opinion of…

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3 thoughts on “Watching the Founding Fathers spin like a top….

  1. Rain, huh? Things are screwy….it was 69 this morning….I live in MS and it is close to Summer I cannot ever remember that cool this late…..but hey I have pills so matters not….LOl see ya later my friend….chuq

    • I’m glad the medicos at least have the compassion to give you adequate opioids; having lived with pain before using them, I can relate to how much they help. It is just a shame that they eventually become less effective, & one either must go stronger, & hence more addictive, or rip you off, which is, quite frankly, like being sent to hell. I am just glad I’m living where I can use cannabinoids as a replacement, as they work better than the opioids, without any of the risks. Without them, I’d probably have joined the victim’s class of people destroyed by opioid addiction….

      Fucking medical executives; there are very few actual “healers” left in the cadre of doctors, & all they are are paid pill pushers, no better than if they stood on the corner selling them…

      End of rant…. for now…. Hope you have a good day, bro….

      gigoid, the survivor….

      • I have found a good pain doctor…..he will not just give pills he makes sure that all is good…of course it could be regs that are making him so concerned…..I will be here….chuq

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