Mildred, leave the toilet seat where it is….


The dream we call Reality has captured me for the day; events have reached a juncture at which my intervention is required. Sadly, for our purpose, this precludes a fresh Pearl for today, though one is near completion. The good news is, while searching for today’s re-blog, I found a poem I’d completely forgotten I had written. I also have one percolating, almost to the point of leakage. Today, I’ll be dealing with all of that, out in the BBR, where the importance of Pearls fades before the face of the real world….

I will, however, be back; you may consider that a warning, or a promise, Either way, I am outta here for now. Y’all be well, be happy, be odd, (or, even, your choice), and, most of all, be alert…. The world can use a few more ‘lerts….





“You can easily judge the character of others
by how they treat those
who can do nothing for them
or to them.”

~~ Malcolm Forbes ~~

potd-bear-family-Hank Perry
From the London Daily Telegraph, Animal Pictures of the Year, 2014

Reality, having assumed a configuration untenable to my sanity, has retreated from my perception, leaving me stranded, forlornly seeking a fantasy world in which to spend my time. Of course, there are many from which to choose, making the process of making a choice that much more intimidating. The feeling of doom, with its concomitant companion, depression, lies in wait behind a number of them, always ready to kick me to the curb with its melancholy insistence on dwelling upon that which cannot be changed…. Others are more friendly, yet, contain their own demons, certain to devour even more of my soul than even Reality can consume…. All of them, from the…

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