Belatedly, he removed the tags….


Sitting, at all, remains problematic this morning; that is complicated further by how inconsistent my keyboard is acting thus far. The space bar seems to be sticking, & it may be time for a thorough wipe-down & testing. At any rate, it’s all a wash today, as I am not able to sit long enough to do anything but post this old Pearl. It was written at a time when I was in Hell, but, had not yet realized it. All in all, it’s not too bad, considering the relative condition of my mind during that period, which, in retrospect, I can describe as less than optimum. Nonetheless, it’s here, and it’s good enough for our purpose. I’ll be back soon, I hope; in any case, I’ll be back. Y’all be well, stay cool, and stay alert….

gigoid, the dubious




“What pretty lights!”

~~ Any deer, any highway, late at night ~~

hummingbird warriors

    Halloween. All Hallows Eve. Hmph…. Okay…. I suppose y’all would like me to make some comment, or acknowledgment of the day…. Well, if I must….


There…. No one can say I didn’t acknowledge the holiday. And, just so it’s done, the picture came from the Animal Pictures of the Week in the London Daily Telegraph, last week. I am seriously hoping I don’t see any kids in costumes tonight, as my inner curmudgeon isn’t in the mood for frivolity just now…. An episode of SS/b (Screaming skeleton/bones…. severe arthritic pain in my hips shoulders, joints, and neck…. i.e., everywhere there is a bone, it hurts….), which built up yesterday, near the end of the day, stimulated the inner curmudgeon sufficiently, he was able to take over the wheel of this bus…

In fact…

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3 thoughts on “Belatedly, he removed the tags….

  1. I am so sorry that you are in so much pain let’s hope it clears up soon and you can get back to your normal ‘cranky’ 😣😉🤗 self ASAP! Thinking of you hugs! 💗💜💝

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