Sincerity has never been more welcome…..


SIGH…. As noted in yesterday’s closing section, I went for a long walk. Somewhere along the way, I strained my back, & have spent the time since getting home trying to deal with some pretty severe pain. This, naturally, kept me from completing a Pearl for today. As sublimation, here is one from 2013 that is pretty decent, but, didn’t get much traffic; we’ll give it another chance to shine today… In the meantime, I’ll be dealing with dealing with life in pain, again. Easy money, really; I’m pretty familiar with this routine. Given my improved health, it also shouldn’t last too long; knowing how to handle it without worsening the issue also helps. Until I can get another fresh Pearl done, I hope you enjoy today’s post, and, whatever is happening in your neck of the woods… Be well, be happy, be strange, & it’ll all work out fine… See y’all soon, I hope….





Iā€™ve never experienced this beforeā€¦. Even MY coffee, which has been known to raise the long-time-dead, in a heartbeat, isnā€™t doing the trick this morningā€¦. I grind French Roast beans, dark and savory, then put twice as much in the drip basket as is recommended, just for startersā€¦ then I add a teaspoon or two more, just to make it rightā€¦. I promise you, no coffee in the world, including espresso, is stronger, or has more of the life-giving caffeine than does what I make right here at homeā€¦ Itā€™s part of why I have such a hard time when traveling, as nobody can duplicate it in public, not without destroying their profit marginā€¦.

But, today, it ainā€™t happeninā€™ā€¦. I mean, I made it like usual, and in good time, too, before I tried to type. But, even now, after a good half-cup, Iā€™m still dragging my ass, wonderingā€¦

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