Softly, softly banging drums….


The past two days have been what might be termed, ‘filled with lessons’; not anyone’s favorite pastime, I’m sure, but, nonetheless instructive, if not overly pleasant…. Rather than detail the hours in a veiled effort to excuse my lack of productivity, I will merely say, I didn’t get a Pearl even close to done, & leave it there. To keep y’all entertained today, I’ve re-blogged this Pearl from the early days here on ECR, before evolving into what is usually seen today. It’s got some decent discussions to enjoy, & one of my more honest, if strange, poems…. It will do for our purposes here today…. I shall return, tomorrow, if all goes well, with a fresh Pearl… well, as fresh as I can make it, anyway.

Y’all have a good one, if that’s in your power; if not, well, we get another chance at it tomorrow… Be well, be happy, & be strange; it’s still the best way to keep your balance….





“Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.”

~~ Mark Twain ~~

Spider weaving

No flies on gigoid.

This is why.

‘Twill be sufficient unto the day to say this: Axiom # 2 is more right than even I had believed…. For those unfamiliar with Peruaosophy (my own response to Sartre, Plato, and the Stoics… If they can have their own philosophy, so can I…..), Axiom #2 says: “The nature of the Universe is Change.  Unpredictable, innovative transformation of Reality is the Norm. If you have a problem with this, you’re in for a rough ride in Life.” Boy, did I hit that one on the head, or what? (I should tell you: anyone who actually says, “what?” will be shot where they sit…. or stand….)

All of that being said, I’ll leave it at that, to create a bit of confusion, and/or, frustration in the…

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