Massive portions of pomegranate Jell-O….

Arthur has been set free! Arthur, as you may or may not know, is my computer’s name…. In a stunning development yesterday, I got a phone call telling me to bring the ransom to where he was being held, & I could take him home… So, we’ve been getting reacquainted…. but, in my joy at having him back home, I neglected to put together a Pearl for this morning… For one last day, here is a sublimation Pearl… Our selection today is from the very beginnings of ECR, in 2011, and a Pearl that NOBODY came to read… I’m giving it a second chance today, & I hope you enjoy this little foray through my brain from about 5.5 years ago…. I’ll be back tomorrow with an all fresh Pearl… if all goes as planned, anyway…. See y’all then….

gigoid, the dubious



I realize it’s a dangerous habit, but I was thinking……but it wasn’t any fun, so I woke up, and decided to start early on today’s Pearl. Whether that was a good or bad decision will depend, I suppose, on what transpires from this moment on. Let’s see where today’s selections take us, shall we?……

“A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” — Paul Simon

I have heard it said that Paul Simon is considered to be the greatest living American song writer; some of those reports claimed that he was the one to make that statement. I don’t know if that part of it is true, but I have to agree with whoever said it, as his poetry, and the  music he creates to surround it, is far superior to just about anyone else’s that I can think of just now. The line…

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3 thoughts on “Massive portions of pomegranate Jell-O….

    • Aye, ’twas so exciting, I hardly knew what to do first… Plus, I can now see ALL the letters on my brand new keyboard… not that it will help, I’d imagine… Now I’ve got to go through the nearly 300 emails that built up, then I can surf a bit… I’ll get by sometime later today…


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