Not the whole egg!! Just use the yolk….


While working on a Pearl for today, I paused to make a phone call, which informed me I must attend Jury Duty today…. SIGH…. A full day, at the courthouse, in the company of bureaucrats & myrmidons….Oh, joy….

This will take some preparation, which precludes getting a fresh Pearl done in time; hence, this re-blog from 2014, with a pretty decent Pearl that saw little traffic. I’ll be back tomorrow, and so will y’all…. In the meantime, wish me luck at getting through today without having failed in my quest to get through my life without having to kill anyone; this will be tricky, given where I’ll be…. But, I am confident I can do it, so, I’ll merely say, see y’all tomorrow, & leave it at that…. Enjoy your day, ffolkes….

gigoid, the dubious




This one’s going to be a tough one, ffolkes, I can tell already….. I got beau coups sleep, and am up a little late, but, not too bad; that isn’t the issue. The issue, damn it, is my brain, which seems to have decided to take a holiday without any notice, leaving me in the lurch for this morning’s Pearl….

Yep, I have very few, if any, brain cells that are functioning as anything other than space fillers; whenever I try to think of something to put onto the screen, all I get is fuzzy static, with no ideas, with no fresh phrases bubbling up from my creative wellspring, such as it is…. It’s not much, but, it’s mine, and it’s not working!

Okay, I won’t panic….. Let’s just see if there’s something else in there that will serve to get us down the page a ways, at least…

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