Subject to NSA review, it’s done….

As is obvious for those who frequent this space (a small #, to be sure, but, significant….), this post is late. The simplest explanation is to say, the demons of the dark have reappeared, raising their ugly heads in joyous howling, as they rend the flesh of my imagination. I’m NOT a happy camper, & anything else I might attempt to write would probably turn on me, into a reason to regret ever living… But, I can deal with them, if I ignore the rest of the world for a day or two, which I’ll do, thus fulfilling the One Myth, One Man legacy we all share…. and, yes, that’s about as obscure as it can get. So be it.

To sublimate my need to post, here is a rather fun Pearl from a bit over 3 years ago, which didn’t see much traffic, though it’s actually one of my better efforts for the time. I hope you enjoy it, more than I’ll enjoy not writing today…. I may be back tomorrow, or, I might disappear for a few days; hard to tell just now, being involved in a major fire-fight in my head… I’m going to go work on that, see if I can knock some of those demons back to hell, so I can make some breakfast… Y’all be well, & happy as you may; don’t worry about the world at large; to the best of my knowledge, there isn’t much to be done, anyway…. Things are as they are, and shall ever be so….

See ya, ffolkes…

gigoid, the dubious




“It might not be Ibsen, but, it’s Art.” Or, in the case of our situation here on ECR, it could be merely Art’s friend Joey, who, while nice in most respects, isn’t Art…. Of course, I never promised any damn roses, or gardens, or any other sort of horticultural display; I’ve been known to kill cacti, so I usually try to avoid that sort of plant genocide…. The easiest way to do that is to keep my black thumb away from anything that depends on my attention to stay alive; it’s safer for the plants, and I don’t get the evil eye from every gardener who happens by….

“Castles in the air — they’re so easy to take refuge in.  So easy to build, too.” — Henrik Ibsen

How did I get onto my inability to deal with watering? I had intended to start off in an entirely different…

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