Portable referendums seem to be de rigeur….


I’ve been tapped for babysitting today; yesterday was spent nursing a tweaked lower back, so, no fresh Pearl today. Here’s a travelogue from my last trip to Ireland, in 2015. I hope you enjoy it, though you won’t enjoy it more than I did being there… I’ll be back tomorrow, hopefully having finished the Pearl begun yesterday. Y’all have a good Sunday; I’ll be grandfathering, & am guaranteed to have fun….

gigoid, the dubious



“While there’s life, there’s hope.”

~~ Cicero ~~

Ireland 089

Street Musicians in Galway

Good morning…. Today’s effort will be a short, slight one, in a manner of speaking. I’m on the road again today, back to Dublin from Galway, taking a train this time, to see something other than the freeway…. I’ve included a few pictures from various spots around Galway; I have lots more to show in later blogs, but, this was what I could get ready for now…. I’ll try to get some more up in a day or so, once I’m settled back in Dublin….

For now, I’ll once again dump y’all down the page with no further ado, and be back to blather at a later date…. I’m having a great time, and blogging is now secondary in my hierarchy of important stuff to do…. So….

Shall we Pearl?….

“A real friend is one who walks…

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