Flicking and swishing here, your grogginess….


As noted in yesterday’s post, I spent most of the day babysitting my two year old granddaughter, Zoe…. Naturally, today, I am in the throes of exhaustion. Well, perhaps not quite in the throes, but, nearby, to be sure. This precludes anything fresh this morning, other than this intro blurb for the re-blog I’ve chosen for your reading pleasure. Well, perhaps THAT may be a trifle optimistic, but, y’all know what I mean, right? Given that this process is in existence for the sole purpose of keeping me in the vicinity of sane, one must allow some leeway in expressions of intention.

If that isn’t clear, well, it’s simply too bad, because not only do I not have the time or inclination to clean it up until it IS clear, but, there’s little chance I could do so, anyway, as there simply isn’t much to work with. Go figure, eh?

I’ll be back tomorrow, I’m sure, & if not, well, I imagine the sun will come up anyway. In any case, I shall see you then….

Be well, be alert, and, keep ’em guessing, ffolkes….

gigoid, the dubious




Spintharus, speaking in commendation of Epaminondas, says he scarce
ever met with any man who knew more and spoke less.

 ~~ Plutarch (46-120 AD) ~~ Of Hearing, 6


True is suffering; this is true cause;
this is true cessation; this is the true path.

Know the sufferings; give up they causes;
attain the cessation of the suffering; follow the true paths.

Know the sufferings although there is nothing to know;
relinquish the causes of misery although there is nothing to relinquish;
be earnest in cessation although there is nothing to cease;
practice the means of cessation although there is nothing to practice.

~~ Buddha, The Four Noble Truths ~~


    In case there is ANY question as to the meaning of any of the above…. The first quote is there to set the tone…. The next quote, from  the Buddha, is there to show how the Buddha understood…

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