Free kind rice….


Having been rudely awakened at 0430 by a hungry cat, my mood upon arising was further affected negatively by a number of Murphy-esque incidents, which are threatening to push today into the crapper. To avoid any of this leaking into a Pearl, I went back to bed at 0445, & tried again at 0700…. No luck there, either; I’m still half-crazy & close to rage… So, I went to look for a re-blog, & found this one…. It’s got some decent ranting going on, as it was created during the final stages of my opioid withdrawal… At the time it was posted, I had almost gotten to a point where I could actually sleep….

Anyway, I’ll work on finding my balance again, & put THAT into the Pearl for tomorrow…. I’ll also make a strong effort not to lose my cool, & do things I’ll later regret, or, at least, be embarrassed by…. Age DOES bring SOME small degree of forethought, you know….

I’ll see y’all tomorrow, if I get lucky, & stay out of gaol….

gigoid, the unbalanced….




“Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them.”

~~ Aristotle (384-322BC) ~~

wild eyesDid someone say ‘mouse’?….

Hajime…. Thank the Doctor for today’s post. Without having the Tardis to use, it might never have been completed, much less posted on the correct day. Without going into details of a subject I’m not happy about to begin with, I’ll say this: FUCKING ASSHOLE!

That little outburst was not aimed at y’all, naturally. It’s reserved for our resident asshole, Murphy, and his damned ubiquity. Now we’ve properly labeled him, hopefully to his regret, we can go on to bigger, if not better things. Now, that doesn’t mean I’ve put together a particularly outstanding Pearl for today; hell, I’m not sure it’s going to get done at all at this point. But, it WILL be better than anything you might have seen had I not taken the time to roundly…

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