Numerous system monitors attended in mufti….


Since I had another day of ‘blowing off’ the internet and all its shiny distraction, there’s no fresh Pearl for today. I had originally intended to completely blow off today, by not posting at all, but, when I got up to sign in, WP notified me it is my sixth anniversary here on Not too shabby, eh? Six years of cathartic ranting & writhing seems to have been good for me, in certain ways too complicated to go into for now. To honor the anniversary, I decided to repost an older Pearl, & managed to find this one rather quickly…. At the time this was posted, I had just begun my descent into the hell of opioid withdrawal; I didn’t know it at the time, but, the remainder of 2014, and ALL of 2015 was spent sinking ever deeper in that quagmire; about halfway into 2016 I finally re-emerged into the light of day, & have been steadily searching for my bliss ever since….

All that aside, today is another grand day of babysitting for my son; my granddaughter and I will spend the day wandering about, looking for adventure, so, creating Pearls is on hold until tonight, at least… I hope you enjoy today’s blast from the past, which contains a rather good poem by Emily (what else is new?), and some decent, if ancient ranting. I’ll work at getting a Pearl done for tomorrow, but, other tasks are also calling for attention, so, bear with me, please…. I’ll be back, as Arnie said to such good effect, & I hope y’all will join me when I am… Until then, be well, be happy, and, well, be blessed…

gigoid, the dubious




“A wise player ought to accept his throws and score them, not bewail his luck.”

~~ Sophocles (496-406 BC) ~~ Phaedra, Frag. 862 ~~


    For the last 10 days or so, we’ve had some weather here in NorCal, mostly of the rainy variety. While the resultant water levels in our reservoirs, miniscule though they may be, are welcome, it’s been something of an ordeal for me, as I have reached a stage in my life where all those old wives tales, and cultural truisms about aging are coming home to roost, right here in my own skeleton. We hear all our lives how old ffolkes can predict the weather, due to feeling pain in the joints prior to any changes…. I’ve always assumed it was a myth, but, since my own joints have started to complain whenever the weather gets wet, I can see how it may eventually…

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