Waffles, drenched in butter, syrup, and love….


I’m reblogging again today, because I am too distracted to either think, or even type very well (one of those invisible conundrums; you’d never know by looking at this it took five minutes to type…). Leelu is sick, & I am a wreck, from having to wait for a vet appointment to find out what’s wrong. She’s lethargic, off her feed, and not drinking, either, unless she’s doing it on the sly. Also, she’s not using her litter box, at all, so, needless to say, I’m worried…. which keeps me too distracted to think of anything less important, which includes the greater portion of reality. So, I’ll try to get one done for tomorrow, but, we’ll see how that goes. She’ll see the vet tomorrow at noon, so, at least there is a limit to how long I’ll stay off kilter….

No apologies, but, I do hope you enjoy today’s older Pearl. I did try to pick a good one, but, with my current state of mind, it’s hard to say if I succeeded. Y’all will have to let me know, if you think it’s important. Otherwise, I’ll see y’all tomorrow, or the day after, when I can relax enough to think about writing again…

Be well, & stay strange….

gigoid, the dubious, in a state of worry….




Having failed, miserably, to wake up in a timely fashion, I sit now, pale and trembling, to make one last attempt to gain even a smidgen of rationality, or, if that isn’t possible, just a little portion of normalcy. If this attempt fails, we’re going to need to find some other way to make this happen; otherwise, it’s back to the choice between a re-blog, or hitting the archives, a recent habit of which I’m sure the Gentle Readers are getting tired….. Not me, though; it’s kind of fun to go through my older material; it’s been so long since I wrote some of it, it’s like reading something fresh and new….

Today’s instance of obstruction is brought to you by that iconic force of nature, Murphy, who asked me to also mention his myrmidons, who do most of the actual work involved in screwing with people…. In the…

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3 thoughts on “Waffles, drenched in butter, syrup, and love….

  1. So sorry to hear this! They do become so loved by us ~ our dear little furry friends. I’ll be sure to check back tomorrow to see if there’s any news. Lots of Love to you, Ned…

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