Chance encounters with entropy, unlimited supply….


My life has suffered an explosion of drama, which kept me from either writing, or even getting started on a Pearl, beyond picking a picture to use. The hardest part to assimilate is the simple fact none of the drama is my own; it is spilling over from next door, where my neighbor’s difficulties are erupting in emotional outbursts and less than rational behavior, most of it loud… which activates my own emotions, thanks to my ‘gift’ of PTSD, which equates noise & strong emotion with danger, due to my past work dealing with such danger. Long story short, I am not able at this time to write, or post, so, you get this rather good re-blog from 2013, with some even older material included. I’ll try to post a fresh Pearl tomorrow, but, must wait to see if the drama gets resolved… In the meantime, be well, and happy as you may…. I’ll see y’all in a day or so….

gigoid, the dubious



In direct contrast to my state of apparent poverty, I consider myself to be a lucky man, all in all. My physical assets, in terms of liquidity of funding, are, shall we say, less than prolific, and my amount of acquired property isn’t what might be termed a fortune. In fact, more accurately, the two combined amounts may be described as a pittance, if you’re feeling generous. My clothes are getting old and somewhat worn, and I’m about to walk out of my shoes. I’m struggling each month to get enough food for the entire month, and have only enough left over to pay for a phone and internet service, which I consider essential in today’s culture.

However, I also have friends, and two children, all of whom taken together make me the richest man alive. I feel very fortunate indeed to have all of them in my life…

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