A bond of legacy weighs heavily….


Since I spent much of yesterday walking (over 3 miles in one fell swoop!), or recovering from it, there’s no fresh Pearl for today. However, in checking the suggestions below yesterday’s post, I found this one, from 2012, with some of the best ranting I’ve done. There are a lot of fine pearls, and some rather pointed, yet elegantly bruising discussion, sure to tickle those neurons. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will enjoy today’s outing…. I’ll try to get one done for tomorrow, but, we’ll see how well the BBR cooperates with that before committing to anything resembling a stone tablet. For now, just be well, & happy as you may be…. As I am fond of saying, that’s all you can do, which is, in the final analysis, all you can do…. See ya soon….

gigoid, the dubious



The following is a post I wrote for a site called GoodBlogs, for this holiday in 2010. You may note that a couple of the pearls were used again recently…. but they remain valid…. and this goes to show that on the subject of patriotism, my viewpoint hasn’t changed in the last couple of years; in fact it is even more pronounced now…. Abondanza!…..

Musings of an Independent Nature

Independence Day is one of the few holidays I respect, since it was not created merely to stimulate the economy, as were many of the  modern days on the calendar that we are told are “special”.  As such, I’d like to pay it the honor of recognition.

In doing so, today’s group of pearls will walk a very dangerous line, as they deal primarily with two subjects that are often unwise to discuss (especially together), i.e. politics and religion. It…

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3 thoughts on “A bond of legacy weighs heavily….

  1. Morning my friend….sorry I have been away but this damn foot will not let me get much done before I have to move away….I do get some drafts done so that at least something to offer….LOL..hope all is well with you….chuq

    • No worries, mate; I understand pain, and its complications, very well… I just hope it improves soon; it’s been giving you fits, I know. I’m doing good, all in all, at least, physically. The levels of sanity do tend to fluctuate, but, for me, that’s normal… LOL…. I’ll try to get by after today’s walk, which is where I’m headed now…. Have a good one, or, at minimum, an improved one….


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