The sign said it would float….


No fresh Pearls to be found here today, I’m afraid; I spent way too much time playing…. Oh, well, so be it. Here’s a travelogue Pearl, posted from a ship somewhere off the coast of Scotland in 2013. It got some good traffic, but, I like it so much, I’m reposting it today, just so I can look at the pictures, & reminisce about the trip…. I’ll do my best to have a fresh post tomorrow, but, y’all know how predicting the future goes, eh? Y’all be well, & stay odd; it’s better than even, though I can’t prove it…. You’ll have to trust me, which is good, as I am as odd as it gets….

See ya

gigoid, the dubious



    Greetings to you, from somewhere on the open sea…. We left Greenock, Scotland, the port town of Glasgow city proper, last night about two hours before sunset, and have been cruising the open sea in a generally north-eastern direction ever since. Normally, I get seasick on the deep waters of our dear planets oceans, but so far today I seem to have acclimated to the motion, at least enough that this morning’s coffee has stayed where I put it, internally speaking. This is a good thing, because, having experienced the condition previously, I can vouch for the fact that it is NOT any fun….

    Since I’m not sick, it should be a nice relaxing day, and I’ll try to get some actual writing done, after I post the pictures from yesterday. I didn’t expect to spend a lot of time on shore, but the walk into town…

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