Until Bob returns, no cha-cha, & no rhumba….


I could spend a while detailing the events which prevented me from finishing a fresh Pearl of Virtual Wisdom for today, but, that would be self-indulgent, as well as self-serving, to say the least. So, I won’t, other than to say ‘it’s all good’…. To sublimate the urge to post, which is again reasserting its relevance to my state of mind, here is a rather fine Pearl from five and a half years ago, with a number of attractive features, including poetry, ranting, AND a contest, which stimulated & made the comment section quite as entertaining as the Pearl itself…. I hope you enjoy it…. My day is filled with fun, but, should allow me to finish what I have in store for the next fresh entry; the fun part is, I get to have a doctor come to my house for a wellness visit. She doesn’t know me, so I was polite, & gave her fair warning that I am a tough room, so to speak. She didn’t seem to catch the reference, so, she’s on her own, & may provide me with some fun, without intention or awareness of the part she plays…. In any case, I get to socialize, to a small degree, which can only improve matters…. Yes, I’m being deliberately obscure, for my own protection….

Okay, I’ll quit fooling around. Here’s today’s offering, which I do hope brings you some small pleasure… If not, well, you can always come by tomorrow to complain…. or, praise, if such be warranted. Only time will tell how it all turns out, so, let’s let it flow, & see what happens…. Stay strange, ffolkes… it’s more important than you might realize….

gigoid, the dubious



As I sit here, laughing at myself, I have to admit, my Bozoid tendencies are in full swing this morning…. I’ve been steadily plugging along, filling in the blanks as I go through the morning routine, for about 35 minutes now. Got a lot done too, on starting a Pearl. I even had the intro section completely done, and was dutifully searching for pearls, when I was confronted by my own silliness and failure to be a Lert….. or, if you insist, alert…..

I started to paste a poem below, and realized I was posting it into tomorrow’s Pearl template. This is also where I had already composed and written an intro section leading into the Pearl….. see my problem?  Complete time distortion ensues…. Now I’m dazed again, much like the first 5 minutes of being up, before the first sip of coffee kicks in enough to raise the…

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