Bald gestures provide unwarranted relief….


I had way too much fun yesterday, which is fine, but, it kept me from getting much done otherwise. However, I did find this Pearl to use today; it’s a rather fine specimen, I must say especially considering I was at the tail end of my descent into hell, & spent a LOT of time in a pretty crazed state. There is excellent music, possibly my best-ever rant, and an epic old-school pearl. It got some decent traffic & comments, but, is good enough to go around twice. Well, in my opinion, anyway. Y’all can decide for yourselves. Hopefully, I’ll have a fresh one done for tomorrow; that old blabbermouth, Time, will tell. It always does….

See ya

gigoid, the dubious




“You can lead a yak to water
but you can’t teach an old dog
to make a silk purse out of a pig in a poke.”

~~ Opus ~~

Inverness and Invergordon 003Scottish Coastline near Invergordon

Hajime…. Yesterday, I took advantage of some cat nap time to complete today’s Pearl, which turned a bit epic on me. There’s a fresh discussion of human nature & society, an old poem from 2012, and a rather epic old-school pearl to finish it off. Quite the mess, I should think, which is why the music should make it all better….

Since this is done, for the most part, I’ll stick it in the Tardis, & deliver it to the WP editor in the morning, once we figure out the proper settings. This, of course, is a bonus, because now I can work a day ahead, giving me more time to play with Leelu; the older…

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