Authentic wax slippers show fading glory…..


Yesterday’s walkabout went over the allowed time, thus precluding the fresh Pearl I’d begun from getting done. I did find this classic, old-format Pearl from the early days here at ECR, complete with an extensive portion of stuff out of my own head, along with some rather fine pearls… I hope you enjoy it, & I’ll work on getting something fresh done for tomorrow, though, whether today’s walkabout will help or hinder remains to be seen. I’ll just cross my fingers, & hope for the best. Y’all take care, & stay as strange as you can possibly be…. why go halfway?

See ya

gigoid, the dubious



Far removed from sanity, I sit, alone and fierce, holding my thoughts close, as if they will keep me warm. Over in the corner, the giggling demons from my personal hell are gathered, eagerly awaiting a sign, a sign that my last hold on reality has been sundered by the sharp edges of my failure, and they can finally fulfill their purpose, to drag me, willing or no, to my fated meeting with the Prince of Lies…..

I can feel their impatience to be on their way, with me in tow; it breaks over me like waves of disapproval from a room full of aunts and uncles from back east, cross-generational dinosaurs, smelling of sweat and ignorance. Little do they know that they are once again doomed to failure this day; I will not be making the meeting with Satan, nor any of his underlings. Not today…. today is…

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