Cream pie has no observable limits….


Once again, I got in my own way enough to prevent the creation of a new Pearl. In the interests of consistency, even if misplaced or a result of guilt, I offer this one, from a period of time when I had entered the hallways of hell, but, had not yet realized it. It’s pretty good, if a bit long, so, please enjoy it today, while I work on something fresh. I’ll be back tomorrow; it’s raining today, so my usual walkabout will be shorter than they have been of late…. Y’all stay strange out there; it does confuse the myrmidons, if nobody else….

See ya soon….

gigoid, the dubious




“My nose feels like a bad Ronald Reagan movie…”

~~ Zippy the Pinhead ~~


“Do ya think they’ll let us enter the Iditarod, Alonzo?”

Image from the UK Telegraph 8-4-2015

Good morning…. You may have noted the absence of the little pieces of ASCII art I was planning to include here from now on…. That’s because I don’t speak HTML, and couldn’t figure out how to enlarge them on the final viewing page of the posts; all I could get them to do was show up in their smallest incarnation, which was way too small…. So, they’re history, and I say that with gusto and aplomb, just as if anyone had really noticed, or gave a rat’s ass….

Oh! Wasn’t THAT lovely!…. Okay, ffolkes, I’m here, but, I don’t think I’d go any further than that. (And, probably shouldn’t even try….) But, I’m up, at 0230 again, so….. If…

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