She left the argyle socks again….


Though I didn’t get a fresh Pearl done, I did have a little time this morning before my first walkabout, time I spent cruising old Pearls for a suitable re-blog. What you find below is a good example of some of my best ranting; since I no longer do so, (much), I thought I’d include it for old-time’s sake. I’ll be back fairly soon, with a new poem & some more fine pearls for your perusal. For now, stay strange, & all will be well…. Well, eventually, anyway…. Take care, ffolkes….

gigoid, the dubious



The difficulty I face today in creating this introductory section is to be able to choose from among the available subjects. The last couple of days has provided me with a plethora of material, thanks to the usual suspects; politics, taxes, corporate greed, and Murphy’s ubiquitous presence. Suffice it to say that the world has once again taken a dump on me, financially, and my immediate prospects of any travel to other parts of the world have disappeared from sight. Hell, with the way things have been left, I can’t afford to go downtown, much less overseas…. I’ll be lucky to have more than rice to eat the last week of this month, so Ireland is out of the picture, for the time-being….

Of course, the corporate mavens will say it’s my own fault, for not being able to pay what they are insisting I owe them. It matters…

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