Baleful glances from a painfully shy basilisk….


I’m still busy out in Reality, dealing with the seasonal frenzy, but, have a partial Pearl done, which I’ll post in a day or two. For now, to indicate I’m still alive, here’s a Pearl from 2015, which has some game, and a bunch of fun comments. I hope you enjoy this visit into our sordid past here on ECR…. If not, well…. oh, well. Try again later, I guess. For now, be strange and keep cool…. always good advice, right? Right. See ya soon enough, ffolkes….

gigoid, the dubious




However many holy words you read,
However many you speak,
What good will they do you
If you do not act on upon them?

~~ Buddha ~~



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Good morning…. Thanks to the machinations of the machine, which we laughingly call modern society, I’m up, even though it’s not actually anywhere near morning. Technically, I suppose, I have to call it that, as we are an hour and a half into the new day. Somehow, I find it insulting to actually think of this hour as the hour to arise from bed, theoretically, and literally full of piss & vinegar, ready and eager to face the day…. Being force to get up due to twitching, and/or hurting, doesn’t quite fit the picture I had in mind when I thought of retirement….

SIGH…. Okay, enough obscure whining. I’m up, though I don’t really want to…

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