Past, last fasts are finest kind….


I had planned to post new material today, but, instead, I’ll be babysitting my granddaughter, a worthy excuse, to be sure. I’ll do my best to get it up tomorrow, but, no promises, as the wee one may be here more than one day. Time, that blabbermouth, will tell… Either way, see y’all soon enough. Take care out there, & remember to stay loose, & stay strange….’

gigoid, the dubious




“Hmph! Seriousness. Hmph! Sobriety. A Jedi craves them not.”

~~ Yoda Bee ~~

moons of saturnSaturn’s Moons, Aligned

Image from NASA via

Hajime…. Whew! Usually, as I sit to begin, I’m still half-awake. Today after half-a-cuppa, a visit to the throne, and a fast, hard 15 training session with Leelu (it seems to hold her for a while, if I feed her afterward…), I’m fully awake, if a bit out of breath…. She demands we move fast in the morning, as she’s been waiting for hours, no doubt, for me to wake up….. Ah, well, new routines always take time to feel comfortable with, so, so be it…..

With that being said, I’ve kinda messed up any nonsensical beginning; it also seems rather inappropriate to get too silly, or weird, after such a, well, realistic, if boring,  beginning…. As is my apparent habit, it has taken me only one and…

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