Assemble the marigolds for debarkation….


Having posted a fresh Pearl yesterday, the newly current structure of Time I inhabit kept me busy enough to prevent the same today. I am still on call for babysitting duty, but, that shouldn’t keep me from working on one during the slack time…. but, even that is complicated by the attraction of three new books I received as Xmas gifts, all of which have already grabbed a piece of my attention. However, I did find this Pearl from 2016, with a rather fine rant/discussion of Life and Death from 2013. All in all it’s a pretty damn good one, so, I hope you enjoy the sublimation. I’ll be back with more fresh stuff in a day or two…. In the meantime, y’all be well, & happy as you may be, while I do my best to do the same. Stay strange, ffolkes….

gigoid, the dubious




“Become who you are.”

~~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~~

More Galway 021Dusk over Galway Bay

He sat in a squalid, empty room, engaged in passive questing through the reaches of time, searching for truth. Finding none, he turned away, saddened by the defunct nature implied in such a loss. “Still,” he thought to himself, with an ironic smile touching the corners of his mouth, “it could be worse. It could be raining.” With a poignant shake of the head, he slipped into a dream….

Rain poured down, filling the streets with rushing feet and pounding hearts. Beside the lamp post on the corner, he stood, dripping, with a small shadow of reality sticking to his shoe. Wiping it on the nearest centurion, as directed, he began to bail with the rest of the crowd, stopping periodically to clap his hand to his head, moaning, “Oh, for the boon of sanity!”, in stentorian…

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2 thoughts on “Assemble the marigolds for debarkation….

  1. As the distance between gets shorter and shorter are reminded how important the words are I just wanted to make sure I stopped by to say hello and to wish you all one can
    From all of the Sheldon’s house to yours
    I hope yours is,was,and will be
    As Sheldon Usual

    • Thanks, my friend. The very best wishes to you and yours for a happy, peaceful new year, with hope for continued improvement in your physical aegis…. As today’s post indicates, I’m not here in cyberspace very much these days, but, I appreciate the chance to connect with those who I have come to consider friends…. Be well, and happy as you may be, ami….


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