Rejected submissions for breakfast?…..


I noticed I haven’t posted anything fresh yet this year, which may or may not be ominous, as in, an omen of some sort. But, I’m taking a break from engaging in speculative predictive utterances, so, I’ll make no judgment on that. To sublimate the now relatively powerful urge to spew, which I’ve mostly dumped on the real world of late, here is a Pearl from 2013, which originally appeared with some rather strange font changes from what I wrote. Today, I went into the HTML to try to fix it, & did a half decent job, only managing to screw up the poem, which I’ll re-post another time, as the rest came out much better than the first one. It’ll definitely do for today’s purpose, which is solely to make me feel less guilty for not writing. That has been accomplished, so, I’ll get on with my daily walkabout, & see y’all tomorrow, with a fresh Pearl…. Well, as fresh as they get these days, anyway. Until then, stay strange, & be well….

gigoid, the dubious




Eyes wide open, I begin to type, gathering speed with each stroke. The machine warms to my touch, and begins to help, anticipating my every letter, until I am flying across the keyboard. Words keep magically appearing on the screen, until, at last, my mind reaches a point where ideas clash, and crash, burning, falling out of the figurative sky that stretches across one chamber of my brain, and I stop….. Having run completely out of words, or concepts, I once more gaze longingly at the screen, and realize I’ve only typed one short paragraph, and shit, what am I going to do now, I can’t even do the James Joyce thing, even my own head is conspiring against me, what will I do now that all is lost?…..Whew! That was almost painful…. and not really very Joyce-like, was it? Having never read much of his work, I can’t…

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