Zero is a hard row to hoe……


Having gone walkabout a lot yesterday, there’s no fresh Pearl ready for today; I’d say it’s par for our recent course, but, that would probably be too metaphoric for this early in the day. Allegory sits better on a full stomach, or, at the very least, after coffee. I did find this Pearl, a fine example of the ancient style used then, with some pretty decent examinations of reality to peruse. It got some good traffic, and generated some good comments, which makes it a good read (well, for me, anyway….) I plan to visit some blogs today, to let my favorite ffolkes know I’m not dead yet, so, a Pearl for the morning is, as of yet, not guaranteed. But, I WILL return, soon enough… In the meantime, enjoy today’s walk through the past, be well & happy, and, for goodness’ sake, stay strange….

gigoid, the dubious



Having decided to forgo the usual nonsense, there will be no introductory section this morning. Yesterday’s near-disastrous hijacking of my keyboard has put me on edge, security-wise, and I think it is best if I just leave this section out, and go right into today’s dive….. oh. Wait. Hmm…… this is already an intro, isn’t it? Well, so much for that idea….

Well, since I can’t say, “I love it when a plan comes together!”, I guess I’ll just have to say, “WTF?”  (See? I AM capable of tact….. I could have spelled it out, couldn’t I?…. all part of the service…..) The latter is more honest, at base, and expresses my normal state of mind in the morning much more accurately. I’m finding that displaying such personal foibles is preferable to humanity’s normal policy of insisting all is well, everything is fine, nothing to see here, move along……

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